Dec. 7th, 2012 06:51 am
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I kind of hate to post something rather negative for my second post, but regardless, I need to rant. So, I was on Amazon this morning looking to see if my dad had ordered something (it's a Classic Controller for the Wii) and unfortunately ended up seeing one of my Christmas presents that my sister ordered. :/ Basically, I feel really shitty about it; I keep thinking I should've known not to look, etc., whatever, but I guess it's not my fault. Besides, I already knew what the present was anyways. I'm actually pretty sure she knows what I'm getting her, too, which makes me feel at least a tiny bit better about the circumstances. Anyways, it just kind of sucks. It's not that I feel bad for me (lmao), but I feel bad for her? It's like, we're not going to tell her, but regardless. I just feel guilty.

I guess I should stop feeling guilty because it wasn't really my fault or anything, but...yeah. Ugh.

Anyways, more about the controller. So I found out yesterday morning that you can purchase Majora's Mask from the Wii channel store, and I am SO excited. It's like ten bucks for 1,000 points (how much the game is) and the controllers are like ten or fifteen bucks on Amazon (used, I guess). It's so great. I've missed this game so much! We had and old Nintendo 64, and then my brother moved out and took it with him, but we still had the game. I am still kind of mad about that, tbh. God knows what he's done with it...whatever the case, we've agreed that we'll buy the controller and the game, and I'm just ecstatic!

I finally got some better sleep last night as well. For the last two days I've stayed up all night (Tuesday) and Wednesday I went to sleep and then woke up at one and stayed up the rest of the night. My sleep was pretty light/broken/restless, but it was a TON better than those other nights. All in all, I'm doing okay, although I was pretty ill feeling this morning. :/ I hate sore throats.

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